05 May

This week it’s just Mats and Gavin, as Randy was called in as a consultant for the Justice League. They were for some strange reason under the impression that Steve Jobs had acquired the most dangerous power of all — shooting laser beams from the eyes. After world class consulting on Randy’s part it was ultimately determined that it was just some looser from Norway who thought he was being funny with Photoshop. OH! And we have news.

3 thoughts on “Elder-Speek Issue 50: Childhood Memories”

  1. Mats seems a little confused on the IW bonuses. They aren’t necessarily demanding a holiday bonus, but rather, sales royalties. The guys that left should be entitled to the royalties that they would normally get if they were still with Activision, much like how a music artist will continue to earn royalties after they leave the label.

    I don’t like made-for-tv-movies… but I love mini-series. My favorite animes could be considered miniseries, and shows like V (the original series) and Firefly are excellent as single season shows. I tend to not like how shows continue to extend stories even though they could have been wrapped up easily (I’m glaring at Jail Break and Californication).

  2. Thank you yes, I got that after a bit. Somehow the idea of bonuses and royalties were seperated in my head.

    I assume you mean Prison Break? If so I COMPEATELY agree, that show was soo horrible after the first season.

    1. Yeah, Prison Break. They made an awesome idea for a show, and then extended it past the original idea, which made it just drag.

      I feel like Lost did the same thing, and was probably meant for 3 seasons when it was first made.

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