12 May

Gamestradamus pays the “office” a “visit” to talk about “video game news” this week. We keep it short and sweet, cover as much news as we can in a shorter timespan, and STILL have time to talk about upcoming reviews and a little bit about E3!

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2 thoughts on “Elder-Speek Issue 51: Gamestradamus”

  1. I’m just getting to listening to this weeks issue, and here are a few thoughts:

    -Telltale seems like the furthest thing from corporate… so far, they are the only company to be successful with episodic gaming (Sorry valve… HL2 episodes were poorly done). I like the pilot idea, since it will let us play the first episode of the a series and Telltale can see the response to make the decision to make more of that game. If corporations do get a hold of this idea, I can’t see them doing it with a lot of success.

    -Listening to Gamestradamus’s anticipated games this year, I realized that this year has something for everyone: For the hardcore, there is Halo Reach, Starcraft 2, Dead Rising. For the casual, there is Trauma Team and Wii Party. For the Niche, there is Heavy Rain, Alan Wake (sort of), and Sin & Punishment 2. Also, we can’t forget about the Nintendo market with heavy hitters like Metroid, Mario, and Zelda.

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