19 May

We go through our usual bits of news, but this week Mats answers the age-old question… well… week old question. “Is Final Fantasy XIII an RPG?”

Short episode this week! Enjoy!

7 thoughts on “Elder-Speek Issue 52: To Be An RPG Or Not To Be?”

        1. Sorry guys. Never gonna happen. We only have transcripts for the video reviews because they’re written out before I record the audio. I wouldn’t give my worst enemy the task of transcribing a 40 minute podcast.

          1. Ah well, I don’t have time to listen to a 40 minute podcast… but I could totally read one at work… lol

            I’d love to know the outcome and reasoning 😉

          2. Basically, FFXIII isn’t an RPG, but rather an Adventure Game with RPG elements. This comes from the fact that you can’t really customize in any way (story, characters, fighting styles).

            During the podcast, you guys did stray away from another subject… are JRPGs really RPGs? I bet that would divide the group in half.

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