14 May

Fan films keep getting better and better. Along with remixing, fan films are quickly becoming one of the coolest sub-genres of video game geekdom.

We got an email last night from the director of this short film called Desert Story, which is one piece of a larger series he’s calling Nuclear Coleslaw.

It’s done very well. It’ll be nice to see this series continue.

5 thoughts on “Fallout Fan Film: Nuclear Coleslaw”

  1. It was a little Cheesy, but it was still good. The Mega Man movie was good too, except the pacing was a little bit off. But yes, fan made movies are getting better and better. I will say that they better than anything Hollywood comes up with.

  2. It’s nice but no ultraviolence, no dark humor, no retrofuturism, no Vault-tec and no atomic US. That’s no Fallout. I loved the pimp, though.

  3. The only way this ties to Fallout is the mention of ghouls. As Zky said, it was missing many of the key elements that make Fallout…Fallout. I also felt that the cinematography during the dialogue was jarring and poorly composed and that the script/acting was horrible.

    A good fan film was that MW2 one. This one is meh.

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