08 May

Early this morning LittleBigPlanet 2 was officially announced via LittleBigPlanet.com. The game is now the third in the series in under two years, in addition to countless DLC that has been offered via the PSN. The new trailer showcases the ability to create a variety of genres of games including overhead racers and space invaders clones. It also seems that there is new creation tools that allow individuals to create “puppets” which they can jump inside of and then control (Think LittleBigMechs), intelligent A.I., sackboy clones, and the ability to create useful contraptions. From this trailer, does this justify another 60 buckaroos out of your wallet, or is this a pass until the game of the year addition with all the free DLC comes out? Check out the trailer after the break..

5 thoughts on “Little Big Planet 2 Details and Trailer!”

  1. I think they’ve shown that they can do platform based, LBP has had so much DLC I can’t even keep count. Ultimatly though I think there are only so many map packs and gameplay upgrades you can do before it starts getting stale.

    I immagine the only thing they could do to make LBP2 a significant upgrade over the first would be to make it full 3D.

  2. They basically said they wouldn’t release a sequel unless there was something ground breaking that couldn’t be done with the original game. So there must be something ground breaking that can’t be done with DLC.

    1. 3D motion control? They’ve shown LBP with pointer controls, but that doesn’t seem all that appealing.

  3. Ok, I new there was going to be something that they couldn’t have done with the original. This seems really cool. It is also nice to see that you will be able to play all the other levels that people made.

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