10 thoughts on “Squaresoft 1997 Demo Discs”

  1. Nice find man. My buddy has a demo disc from Nintendo from 2006 I believe, some of the trailers are, well, to be questioned, but others were amazing (Twilight Princess tease).

    1. I have that one up on my shelf. It has a nice trailer of Twilight Princess that shows the Twilight Realm was originally supposed to be completely black and white.

  2. These are gold! I have a few PS demo discs, but they are pretty bad… nothing like this. I do have the Eidos PC version of FFVII. That too is also pretty bad, but awesome at the same time.

  3. I remember one of the FFVII demos being set during the Mt. Corel part right before you go to the gold saucer. That might have been for the PC version.

    Also, this makes me want to buy Saga Frontier and play it again. I remember that one being pretty tough.

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