4 thoughts on “Blur Video Review”

  1. Have been toying with the idea of getting this for a while… it looks incredibly fun and reminds me of Burnout 3. Still, given my current lack of funds and an abundance of games I still have lying around, I think I’ll pass up on it and wait for the new Need for Speed :)

  2. This game looks really fun! Things like this seem to be the natural evolution of Mario Kart. You don’t have to deal with the minutiae of tuning your car, but you are still driving a big boy car. Gameplay looks like a blast! If I were into racing games I’d definitely get a kick out of this. Excellent work on the video as well.

  3. I like Blur a lot. I never use the shunt or the barge (except maybe for a quick defence), and my favorite weapons are the forward mine, the backwards boost, and the shield for going through lightning columns.

    1. I’m kind of a fan of the standard missiles. I’m pretty good at aiming them both forwards and backwards. Just one properly timed missile can really screw someone up.

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