11 Jun

The latest game from outspoken director Tomonobu Itakigaki has been highly anticipated, if only to see what he comes up when away from the studio he was quick to deride in the past. His new game studio, Valhalla Games, has announced on its official game website that the wait won’t be too long however. The first game from the newly-founded studio is expected to unveiled and showed off at next week’s E3, with Itakagaki happy to offer his opinion on the announcement.

“Our motivation was always to come up with a project from scratch, to gather together and work together as comrades, and to create something that all of you gamers can enjoy,” he said in a recent blog post. “It was for this simple goal that we decided to go independent. In the past, I created four unique games – Dead or Alive, Ninja Gaiden, DOA Xtreme, and NG Dragon Sword. Thus, this announcement will be the fifth all-new project in my lifetime.”

He added, “I don’t know if that number is large or small, but I know as a fact that every one of these announcements was a presentation of a new gaming paradigm from me to all of you. This time, it is no different. My heart pounds with anticipation every time I make these announcements. It’s not something one can get used to – complacency is never an option for me.”

2 thoughts on “E3 to See New Itagaki Game”

  1. It is really early and I haven’t seen a lot, but I’m pretty sure I won’t like Devil’s Third. In premise, it seems awesome, but I don’t care for Itagaki’s style, and the only game of his I have enjoyed was Ninja Gaiden Black.

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