11 Jun

E3 2010 is almost here and gamers across the world await it in eager anticipation, scratching the walls and biting their nails out of sheer excitement and longing. To help alleviate some of the medical issues associated with this phenomenon we here at Elder-Geek LLC have concocted an effective mix of predictions and sneak peeks at what you can expect to see and hear from E3 2010. To deliver this treatment as effectively as possible we’ve decided to introduce it though a series carefully calibrated sounds to stimulate the senses, most effectively received by way of stereo speakers or headphones. To start treatments please click the download link below.

Disclaimer: This is in no way a ultimate cure, instead merely a treatment to help you cope with the symptoms of pre-E3 hysteria, for the cure to this most debilitating illness please keep tuned to the foremost E3 hysteria expert (elder-geek.com) to be administered the gradual cure in the form of E3 2010 news live from the show floor.

E3 2010 is almost here and gamers across the world await it in eager anticipation,

3 thoughts on “Elder-Speek Issue 55: pre-E3 Show”

  1. -From Nintendo, I want to see a new Pikmin, Kirby, or a Pokemon Adventure RPG for the wii. I wish they would start up a new IP, but Nintendo tends to not do that. I hope they show more titles for the DS and 3DS, like Capcom’s upcoming Ghost Trick.

    -From MS, we will see a lot of Natal (along with Fable 3), a trailer for GeOW3, and some gameplay of Halo Reach. I’m curious to see what new features they will have for the NXE (Hulu). I also expect at least one big third party timed exclusive (possibly Metal Gear Rising).

    -From Sony, PSP2 (hopefully not a phone… I’m sure it that would be out of my price range). More importantly, they need some unique software, not just console ports, but games that are different than the big screen counterparts (Patapon and LocoRoco). PS3 needs to be all software. Last Guardian, Motorstorm, GT5, Uncharted, Resistance, Killzone, LBP, Demon’s Souls, and a new IP would round up an excellent conference.

    As far as everyone else, Capcom is looking strong. EA (Deadspace 2) and Valve (Portal 2) are two others that are on my watch. I also wish Atlus would have a presence there, since they are probably my favorite publisher of the past decade… and Persona 5 is bound to be around the corner.

    1. Oh, I’m also really curious to see what Criterion is working on. Word is that they are doing a Need For Speed, which is great! Basically, it would be a Burnout game that sold well to the masses. In Criterion I trust

      1. Hell yes! Give me a burnout game where I can customize, design and tune my cars and I’ll be one happy camper. Just hope they stay as far away from any kind of story as possible.

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