23 Jun

It’s our E3 wrap-up show! We still have a few interviews and previews to eek out, but for all intents and purposes, E3 is dead to us. This show is our final thoughts on it. Gavin and Chris join the show this week to talk about their experiences at the LACC. Sela couldn’t join us due to audio issues and Cheyenne is off having a good time away from his computer.

E3 2010 is almost here and gamers across the world await it in eager anticipation,

3 thoughts on “Elder-Speek Issue 56: E3 Postmortem”

  1. Surprised by the amount of love for EA’s showing. As all those shooting games rolled along I couldn’t help but feel completely disinterested, and this is coming from someone looking forward to playing Dead Space 2. EA and Microsoft’s showings were everything wrong with the industry right now. Big, loud, soulless games coupled with crummy games aimed at the expanded audience that not even the expanded audience will want.

    Not sure why Ubi’s presser has been getting so much hate around the gaming community. I felt like they showed a really wide range of products, and kudos to them for having the balls to show off a laser tag toy and attempt to usurp the Vitality Sensor (which didn’t even show up). Plus, Rayman Origins looked fantastic. Child of Eden is probably the only “cool” game for Kinect. Heck, even the Shaun White Skateboarding game looking interesting with all those colors and the way you could bend rails to grind. I also felt like Joel McHale did a good job with what he had to work with. He did Ubi’s presser last year and I thought he did equally as well this time around.

    Sony’s presser needed to trim the fat. The commercials were awful. Reviving the PSP with a set of new commercials that were supposed to get people pumped was upsetting. They had great games to show, but the overall pacing of the show killed the momentum they could have built. You suddenly remember all the flat parts and forget about the exciting bits.

    Nintendo’s was well, pretty damn sweet. I agree with Chris there. And sure, Nintendo might be turning out the same franchises, but at least they feel different from the games that came before, which can’t be said about something like Gears 3. All you need to do is look at Epic Yarn, Other M and Kid Icarus to see the change in direction. Same characters, but unique premises and new mechanics.

    Oh, and no comments on Konami’s presser? Come on, that was fantastic. :)

    1. I actually TOTALLY missed Konami’s presser. And I wouldnt say that I have a lot of “love” for EA’s show, I think it was just such a breath of fresh air coming out of Microsoft’s. Ha!! But you’re right, Rayman does look fantastic. And I thought the intro movie that they made for it was absolutely brilliant.

      I think if I paced the show a little better, I would have properly shown the love more where it was deserving.

      Shaun White gets a “meh” from me because renting anything from the Skate franchise scratches my itch for skating games for a long time. But that’s simply a personal taste issue.

      Sony’s show definitely did need to trim the fat. We were actually saying after the show that Nintendo would have ROYALLY stomped the competition if they announced their full planned lineup for the 3DS, but technically, all that info trickled out after the show.

      Personally, I think that Sony should let the PSP fade away. I’m sad that they announced a new lineup of commercials instead of announcing a PSP2 that would be 1000% better than any of the models that are currently on the market. Ah well.

      1. Being that I just got a PSP last Christmas, I’m secretly happy there is no PSP2 coming out for my own selfish reasons. One thing I noticed at the show is that they’ve gotten themselves away from the Go. It’s not even in the new commercials. The kid is holding the standard model. Interesting how they’re trying to forget about the Go already.

        Maybe Sony decided to wait on the PSP2 to see what exactly the 3DS has to offer? Maybe they’re trying to learn from their competitor this time around? Not sure.

        And the Konami conference was amazing. There’s just so much… so much. This is just a taste

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