21 Jun

With the release of Naughty Bear a little more than a week away, developer Artificial Mind & Movement and publisher 505 Games have released more information regarding the different multiplayer modes that will be available in the game. As players progress through the single-player aspect of the game, they will unlock costumes and other unlockables that can be used in online multiplayer. A set of screenshots showcasing these multiplayer modes can be found after the jump.

The first of these modes, known as ‘Assault’, is a new incarnation of a classic gametype where red and blue teams take turns in attacking or defending a statue from the opposing team. The second mode, ‘Cake Walk’, features players fighting for control of an object known as the “Glorious Golden Cupcake”, with the player who hangs onto the cupcake the longest winning the match. In the third online multiplayer mode, ‘Golden Oozi’, players fight for a specific weapon, the eponymous Golden Oozi, and can only score points when making kills with this particular weapon.

The fourth and most unique gamemode is known as ‘Jelly Wars’. In this mode, three players face off against one single player who takes on the role of Naughty Bear himself. The team of three players must complete objectives in order to “create the most awesome jelly of all time”, with the fourth player being tasked with eliminating them. The players in the team of three do not respawn when killed, and the match concludes when the team succeeds at producing five jellies, or when the fourth player eliminates all players on the team.

Naughty Bear is scheduled for a release on June 29th and will be available for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 at a suggested retail price of $49.99.