15 Jun

Though the actual Valve event at the E3 had been canceled, Gabe Newell took the stage during the Sony press conference as the hinted “surprise” of weeks past. Here he confirmed that Portal 2 will be coming to the Playstation 3 in 2011, and claimed that it would be “the best version” of those made available at retail. Steam Cloud, Valve’s cross-technology digital-distribution/communication platform will also be made available on the console. In the past, developer Valve was noted for being outspoken in its critiques of the Playstation 3 due to the fact that it has a complex system architecture, while the Xbox 360 resembles a system more akin to the PC, Valve’s lead platform.

3 thoughts on “Portal 2, Steam Cloud Confirmed for Playstation 3”

  1. That trailer is epic… It makes me so giddy!

    Seriously, GlaDOS is rebuilding the Enrichment Center around you as you solve the puzzles. Plus, we get to have more fun with her personalities!

  2. I’m not surprised, if it uses the Cell then it should look and run better (Most Valve games are CPU-heavy) than on the 360, but I’ll still get it on the PC.

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