22 Jun

You can never have enough good casual puzzle games in your collection. Each good puzzle game always seems to bring a new twist to the genre. Vizati is no different.

And, yes, Vizati is a damn good puzzle game.

The objective of Vizati is simple: slide three colored stones next to each other to make them disappear within a very limited number of turns. To move the stones you either shake the board, turn the board, or flip it entirely. It’s a clever yet simple mechanic that surprisingly hasn’t been done well before but the independent developers at Different Pixel seem to have nailed it.

At first glance, Vizati may appear to be a walk in the park, but that’s far from the truth. There is a lot of challenge packed into each level and I can guarantee that even the most seasoned of puzzle gamers will gladly rise to every challenge. Each level requires a good amount of trial and error. In terms of puzzle gaming, it’s more Rubik’s cube than Snood and I, for one, love that.

When you’ve completed the standard story mode of Vizati (or if you’ve found yourself utterly defeated by it), there’s also an arcade mode that plays more like a classic puzzle game. People who enjoy puzzle games that require snap-decision making skills will definitely find much more enjoyment out of the arcade mode. The story mode is a more slow and methodical style of play.

Hauntingly beautiful and appropriately challenging, Vizati will definitely please the most seasoned of puzzle gamers.

Vizati is also set to a wonderful collection of water painting-like backgrounds and beautiful relaxing music. Truly, a great amount of love and care has been paid to the development of this game. Gamers who find enjoyment and relaxation out of this style of play should definitely give Vizati a try. Happily, there is a demo available, which you can find here. If you like it and decided to take the plunge and buy the full title, Vizati is a mere $8.95, so it won’t break your budget.

If you prefer this type of game “on the go,” Different Pixel has been working on a mobile port of Vizati which they’re proudly reporting to be a near perfect port to Windows Phone 7-based devices.