29 Jun

Software piracy has plagued many a console, but it looks like those that take IP without paying me be facing some serious foes. The White House has announced its Joint Strategic Plan on Intellectual Property Enforcement, which will allocate funds and resources to a multitude of departments in order to pursue intellectual property investigations.

“By the end of FY (Fiscal Year) 2010, the FBI intends to employ over 50 Special Agents exclusively devoted to pursuing intellectual property investigations operating in field offices throughout the country and four enhanced intellectual property squads,” the FBI stated.

“We deeply appreciate the efforts of Vice President Biden and Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator Espinel and their leadership and vision in this critical area,” said Michael Gallagher, President of the Entertainment Software Association, a very public supporter of the iniative. “We also applaud the numerous federal departments and agencies that are committed to protecting intellectual property rights, here and in foreign markets – both of which are critical to our industry’s continuing growth and ability to deliver innovative entertainment experiences.”