4 thoughts on “Elder-Speek Issue 58: Staying Hopeful”

  1. -I think I’m seeing something different about the Fable episodes. I don’t think it will be set up like how Telltale Games does it. Instead, I think they will release the entire game on XBL, but you would purchase them in small bits or episodes. They did this with Fable 2, and I thought it was cool then. When you get to the end of an episode, the game would ask you if you wanted to buy the next section and continue. While this way of releasing Fable doesn’t do anything for me, if it was done with other games, it would be like a different way to rent a game.

  2. Yeah I think the point I was trying to make was that Fable seems like the kind of game where you would want the whole world open to you at all times. So segmenting it into episodes doesn’t really make sense to me. But a game like Alan Wake for example makes perfect sense.

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