5 thoughts on “Elder-Speek Issue 59: LittleBigGeek”

  1. – You guys are off about the Blizzard ID chaos… as far as I can tell, the system was only going to affect the World of Warcraft Forums, since Blizzard is tired of the massive amount of spam on the site. The system probably wouldn’t flow into the actual game, and it would just be in place to clean up their forum space. I think it would have been a good thing… but others did not.

  2. We never said that, we might have forgotten to mention that it was only for the forums, probably because we also talked about it last week and then we definitely mentioned it.

    1. Many sites have been mis-publicizing the whole thing, and many people have been against it since the main hook of WOW to many people is having that Avatar. I definitely see why people would be so upset about that, but having a personal profile on the Blizzard/Activision forums seems perfectly fine. I wish Blizzard would have stood their ground to hold their users accountable.

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