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Ahhhhh, We can all settle down now, E3 is over and now we enter the summer lull of gaming, so sit back and play those games you never got a chance to check out last Christmas, or that one game you haven’t played that everyone loves (StarFox 64…I’m looking at you Mats) This years E3 was full of surprises, fun, excitement, and hilarity…but there were a few things missing worthy of a little notation. Like your lame wingman that stays home watching Battlestar Galacitca, these games missed all the action this year. Below are the top ten games that were missing from this years E3 show ranked in order. Considerations were not just how good the game potentially is, but also how long gamers have been waiting, the amount of hype attached to the game (E3 is about Hype after all) and most importantly effect the potential effect a game could have on the industry. Let’s get this list cooking.

10. Resistance 3

Insomniac Games has always been Sony’s BFF, going everywhere they went. This year, although their were Ted Price spottings all over E3, one place he was missing from was Sony Press Conference Stage. For the first time in many years Insomniac had absolutely no presents other than having their characters …borrowed…for aptly named Playstation Move Game: Heros on the Move. Resistance 3 was spotted last year on a billboard for an upcoming 2011 movie, so most people thought it was a shoe in for being one of Sony’s big surprises. This may have something to due with the fact that Insomniac recently announced that its next new IP will be multiplatform. Sour Grapes from Sony?

9. Milo

After last years pedophiles dream astounded audiences with a new and exciting level of interactivity, most people thought Milo would be this years Project Natal…excuse us…Kinect’s flagship launch title. Instead it looks like Milo may have pulled a Jason from Heavy Rain and got lost in the crowds this year…..Anyone seen a red balloon? Instead of the creepy little boy who lives inside your TV, we got a room full of middle-aged gamers wearing ponchos in the dark while acrobats and circus performers danced around. It kind of makes you wish you had a Lancer, so those Ponchos could have actually had a use.

8. StarFox Wii

Sure there haven’t been that many rumors per say, but I think with Nintendo’s Cornucopia of Nostalgia this year, it could have been put over the top by one game…StarFox Wii. For StarFox enthusiasts we have been dreaming of how easily a vertical Wiimote could turn into a flight stick for some time now, and without a proper sequel to the legendary StarFox 64…it seems like a given. It looks like we will have to wait one more year to take on StarWolf. For now we will have to admit defeat…IF THIS DOES NOT WORK!!!

7. Beyond Good and Evil 2

Here is the lists token cult classic. Beyond Good and Evil electrified our PS2s and Xbox’s with its interesting fantasy, GTA, Ratchet and Clank, Photography class mash-up, and since the initial trailer and some mock-up gameplay, we have all been waiting for our chance to take control of Jade once again, It looks like Ubisoft has their hands full making terrible casual games and beginning the process of milking Assassins Creed dry…sigh…maybe next year.

6. Batman Arkham Asylum 2

Last year’s breakout hit was a surprise, but it was even a bigger surprise to see the announcement of a sequel from Rocksteady Games only four months after its release. Well the dark night did exactly what he does best this year at E3…stayed in shadows, or rafters, or rooftops…well wherever he was it wasn’t on the showroom floor. Hopefully we will hear more about this E-G fav soon.

5. Final Fantasy 13 Versus

Does this game still exist? The forgotten step child of the Final Fantasy franchise has been in hiding since the  initial trailer two years ago at E3 little to nothing has been released about this game. With exclusivity on the PS3, a release date, or even gameplay still remaining completely unknown it’s almost absurd that we saw nothing again this year. With so much being released from his Big Brother Final Fantasy 14, it may be getting a little late in the game for FF13 Versus to show its stuff.

4. GTA 5

Well it’s been a full 27 months since the release of GTAIV, and I think it is safe to say that even with wonderful downloadable content, many of us were ready for the next installment. GTA….V….Vice City….San Andreas…Harbor City…Toledo….Tokyo….Charleston….Flint…..whatever your going to be called it would have been nice to see at least see a mock-up trailer giving us some idea of what was to come. With the success of Red Dead Redemption, and the upcoming release of Max Payne, little is known for whats on the horizon for the boys at Rockstar.

3. The PSP All Around

The poor PSP. It has been tragically neglected for the last three years with only the most sporadic hits like God of War, and Resistance Retribution occasionally there to console it….console it….hahaha….anyhoot. Once again this year Sony treated the PSP like a second class citizen announcing barely any games, but instead announcing an ad campaign. My question is: what good is an ad campaign without any thing to advertise. Sure a new God of War, Valkyrie Cronicles 2, and Patapon 3 are all pretty cool, but with no word on Resident Evil PSP, one game every 4 months will hardly keep my hands busy…and God knows us E-G’s have to keep my hands busy some how…

2. The Last Guardian

Rarely can you describe a game as whimsical and still have hardcore games nod their heads in approval. It has now officially been 5 years since the release of Shadows of the Colossus, meaning The Last Guardian has been in development for half a decade now. Many of you are probably reading this list solely out of your despair for not viewing a new trailer for this game at E3. After last years jaw dropping trailer in the prime of Sony’s Conference left gamers thumbs twitching, it would be an understatement to say most people were disappointing. Although it was saddening, early reports do indicate that this game may show its cute little griffin face at Tokyo Game Show, later this year.

1. Agent

A few years ago, via a Peter Moore Tattoo, we found out that Sony lost Grand Theft Auto IV exclusivity, and this left many people scratching their heads. How could Sony let their most valuable commodity go to their arch rival? Later news broke that in exchange for breaking the GTA exclusivity agreement Rockstar Games signed on to create no less than three brand new exclusive games for the Playstation 3. Last year it was revealed that the first of these exclusives was the game Agent. With developers like Naughty Dog, Guerrilla Games, Santa Monica Studios, and Suckerpunch Studios, really pushing what the PS3 is capable of and showing a clear distinction between the PS3 and it’s competitors, I know us at E-G cannot wait to see what Rockstar can do when set loose with the hardware. The fact this game was center stage last year, and was not even in the circus tent this year, is not just odd, it’s a downright abomination. E3 is a show about hype, and at the end of the day Rockstar North are in a class all their own in defining genres pushing realism and movie like quality in games. I can’t think of anything that has more potential hype to both mainstream and hardcore gamers then a brand new Rockstar Game, exclusively to the PS3, that would no doubt push the envelope of cinematic and open world game play, setting presidency for genres for years to come.

3 thoughts on “Top Ten Games Missing From E3”

  1. I predicted Star Fox for the Wii in the pre-E3 podcast and was sadly wrong :(. WHERE IS IT INDEED?!

    At least Donkey Kong Country: Returns for the Wii on top of the Star Fox 64 remake for the 3DS were able to heal most of those wounds.

    As for Milo. I think he was turned into a fuzzy animal named Skittles.

  2. How about Half Life 2: Episode 3, huh? Ep. 2 was released almost 3 years ago, so it is time for a showing. Portal 2 on PS3 wasn’t that big of a surprise, so I am let down by that.

    GTA5, nah, let that game rest for another year, GTA4 was only 2008 and it had two DLC add-ons that went retail. Let it show off next year, besides R* did Red Dead Redemption this year. Agent should have been there though.

    Starfox Wii, yeah maybe, but not with motion controls besides pointing at a screen, I don’t want to control it like a flight stick, that just seems stupid. We got a tease for Starfox 64 on 3DS with added features though.

    Resistance, well there were enough Brown TPSes there, why add another. I know you like the story, but it could be announced later.

    Every thing else on the list is fine, and they were big let downs.

    1. Sorry, another brown FPS. I was thinking of the PSP Resistance there for a bit, my bad. It may be good, but I think it could be announced at another date.

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