31 Aug

Atlus, the company behind the Shin Megami Tensei brand and its many sub-series (Persona, Devil Summoner, among others), will soon fall victim to a streamlining effort by its parent company, Index Holdings. With the goal being to shift business to its “profitable core areas,” Index Holdings will keep the Atlus brand will remain intact for now, though the fate of its current products like Catherine is currently unknown. Due to the near-finished nature of many of its potential releases, the analysts at Elder-Geek predict the company will remain, at least until the end of the next fiscal year. Atlus will soon put out an official press release detailing how this will affect publishing, but had no current comment when contacted.

3 thoughts on “Atlus Being Liquidated?”

  1. I just hope it doesn’t hurt their localization department of releasing the obscure games outside of Japan. I love Atlus for all their localization and great games they put out. Well only time will tell with this one.

  2. Atlus is my dog… seriously, I haven’t played an Atlus game I didn’t like. They bring over the best games knowone heard about.

  3. It turns out that Atlus will be alive and kicking, maybe even stronger. The merger with the cell phone company, Index, will only help Atlus in developing next generation games.

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