05 Aug

Image courtesy of VideoGamesPlus.ca

A long-time franchise on the PS2, Konami’s Dance Dance Revolution is returning to the Playstation home console for the first time this generation. Announced on Konami’s Facebook page, no details on the game or its release were revealed. An August 12th “launch party” was announced, however, and primary details are expected then.

“Yes, Dance Dance Revolution fans, it’s true—we’re bringing DDR to the PS3! And we’re bringing YOU to the launch party. Thursday evening, August 12, in LA. Join us in person, on Twitter, or on Facebook for exclusive, interactive, fan-friendly, multiplayer Music & Motion fun. Stay tuned for more exciting details.” read the official Facebook post.

One thought on “Dance Dance Revolution Coming to PS3”

  1. I just want to know the track list, cause I am not really excited when I see a lot of hip hop on there. More or less I like to move to Jpop or Techno in DDR. I hope it has a huge track list, cause that would be awesome. If they also had DLC that wouldn’t be that bad either.

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