19 thoughts on “Elder-Geek.com’s Top 5 Most Anticipated Games of September 2010”

  1. Personally not really looking forwards to much in September. I was super interested in FFXIV, but when I heard about the “Fatigue” system that would punish players for playing more than 8 hours a week, then I lost interest. Now for MMOs I will just have to wait for TOR. I however do not have a shortage of games to play as this year has given us a lot to play. Besides that I will be going to PAX this coming weekend, so I can check out some games there.

    1. The whole fatigue system that you’re thinking of was actually a miss-translation. Basically, your fears are based on wild ideas from a multitude sources that are incorrect. The rumors spread like wildfire, so I suppose you can get super interested again.

      Here’s a quote from the producer of the game.

      “Foreign sites have lots of false rumors. They throw together words and fabricate remarks. Then Japanese sites take this and further [falsify it through] mistranslation. The fatigue point criticism has absolutely nothing to do with the actual [system] and is just full of wild ideas.”

      BTW… the “yeah war” remark got me laughing pretty good. It’s so true.

      1. He’s more of a PES kind of guy.

        And I am with Zky, it is a slow month so I can get a bunch of other games finished as I finish Prof. Layton and FFCC: Echos of Time last week, and have started up a few and a good portion through them.

      2. Nah, Argentina’s a Pro Evo country. But late september’s EU PES release date so it’s also around the corner. Here’s hoping they fixed input lagging.

        I’ve got a lot of games waiting to be played, though, old and new. Maybe SC2 will be properly released in Argieland this month. That’d be kind of cool.

        Checking some of the releases, i can see now that Front Mission Evolved is due the 28th. I gotta get my claws around that one and check if there’s one stop left unraped.

      1. I just ordered Baldur’s Gate Collection, FO Trilogy and Arcanum through eBay so there won’t be no shortage of good stuff to play. Too bad Bloodlines goes for 50s.

    1. I’m super excited for Ghost Trick. Okamiden is another DS game that I have high hopes for. GT 5 is still lingering in the back of my mind, as is NFS Hot Pursuit. Round that list with Vanquish (the game looks fantastic), and that is my year of excitement.

      1. Sorry Eliot, I didn’t know that I clicked reply…

        I also forgot about Catherine, which I might have to import from Japan. The first next gen game developed by Shin Megami Tensei team… and it looks ridiculous. I would be surprised if the game is released in NA, and if it is, I wonder if it would be edited to stay away from the AO rating.

        1. I originally preordered the Collector’s Edition of FFXIV so I could play it on 9/22, but I decided to go for the Collector’s Edition of Civ 5 instead.

  2. Oh god yes! Halo: Reach! Preordered the Legendary Edition months ago, and I can’t wait! Too bad I won’t get to play it until the 17th though, as I need to prepare for my graduation / defense :(

  3. I’m looking forward to Birth By Sleep. Here’s hoping it isn’t horrible like a certain other Kingdom Hearts handheld title.

  4. If Final Fantasy XIV wasn’t an MMO it would definitely be #1 on my list, but since I refuse to pay monthly fees to play video games I don’t care about it. NHL 11 takes´╗┐ my top spot, I still play ’09 on a nightly basis and I skipped ’10 so it is time for me to get a new NHL game´╗┐ to play.

      1. In my Be A Pro season I picked Detroit, you had to start in the AHL (which for Detroit is the Grand Rapids Griffins) and work your way up. I got brought up to play for Detroit after about 3 weeks and have worked my way up to be on the first line. I have had the game since it came out and I still haven’t finished my first season though. I just usually play Online Team Mode where you play as your Be A Pro with other players. When I play VS games online against other people I usually play as either Detroit or San Jose.

  5. wtf was that last one, it looked kinda stupid… in fact, really stupid.

    None of those games looked interesting actually….

    for me…

    #2 – Spider Man Shattered Dimensions
    #1 – Front Mission Evolved

    and neither of those are even ZOMG MUST HAVES… they’re just ‘okay they look cool’.

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