8 thoughts on “FFVI: The Dream Oath Opera”

  1. Quite awesome Eliot. What album is that track off of? Man that must have taken a lot of time to sync up the mouth movements to the track. Keep up the good work.

        1. It’s easily found because it’s in print in the US. The only other English version is on the ‘More Friends’ album, but you’ll have to import that.

  2. I love it Eliot! I already thought the song itself was great, but combined with this vid it’s absolutely amazing!

  3. Eliot, not only do I think what you have created is amazing, but I think it’ll be one of those videos that people will be looking up to re-watch for years to come.

    Great work!

  4. Well I was kinda hoping Setzer would show up. But its still a work of art. You never fail to impress GC.

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