4 thoughts on “Jedi Knight: Jedi Outcast Video Review”

  1. I played the online component of this game hardcore in high school. To this day it still has the best lightsaber mechanics in a game (for me at least). Dueling was/is still so much fun online. Because of the multiplayer I actually didn’t get to beating the great single player portion of the game until YEARS later. I wish they were still doing Jedi Knight games. It’s just a shame Academy was a downgrade. I still hop on this game every now and then. It definitely stands the test time, :)!

      1. GAH! I wrote this big response and closed the page by accident. Basic summation though was I think the saber combat, level design, characters, and overall atmosphere was superior in JK2 to Academy. I also feel the multiplayer in JK2 completely smoked Academy.

        Personally I have a slight vendetta against Academy too. While the single wasn’t horrific. The game didn’t do hot and there hasn’t been a Jedi Knight game since… unless one was to count Force Unleashed and kind of a minor spiritual successor.

        I’d kill for a new Jedi Knight game in the spirit of JK2.

  2. Starting off without lightsabers is the reason i never got far into this game’s SP. Instead, i clocked dozens of hours on LAN parties and this game established Force Push as my single favorite Star Wars power.

    I did beat Jedi Academy SP a bunch of times. The option of equipping two lightsabers was just awesome.

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