2 thoughts on “Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days Video Review”

  1. Gotta agree on everything but the unwarranted jab at the existence of the “cameraman” and the blurring and all that. It gets annoying, it gave me motion sickness and i had to turn steadycam on but it just looks slick.

    K&L2 dropped the ball on the story side and f*cked it up bad by dropping everything that made its gameplay special (working as a team to do a bank heist, doing really complicated stuff like completing “objectives” that aren’t “kill everyone in sight” or “giving orders” or “ammo swapping”) and becoming yet another run of the mill TPS. Yet another franchise with balls eaten by the dumb shooter generation. You can’t even take civilians as human shields. How a game so simple got even more dumbed down is as awful to watch as the game itself is.

    But why no talk about the multiplayer? I thought there would be some redemption for K&L2 in MP…

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