07 Aug

Today we’d like to announce our Call of Duty Retrospective. When it was launched in 2003, Call of Duty quickly won a permanent place in our hearts as one of our favorite games. We’re lucky enough that it expanded into an entire franchise that is still going strong today.

In the next few months, we’ll be releasing each episode in the series. Be sure to keep coming back so you don’t miss a beat!

4 thoughts on “The Call of Duty Retropective… Coming Soon”

  1. Nice to see someone remembers that Call of Duty used to have a moving soundtrack back in the day. Kinda weird you left CoD 3 out, though. I mean, it was the worst in the series, but matchmaking and cheaters makes MW2 almost as bad.

    In the context of the whole ActiBlizz versus IW drama, i think taking a few steps back and looking at IW’s previous story with Medal of Honor and all that might do for an interesting episode. Moreso than a flat out explanation that CoD is about killing nazis/the equally evil private property hating russians/sandn1ggers while a lot of scripted stuff happens around you. And awesome multiplayer.

    In any case, this made me want to go play Brothers in Arms. Speaking of which, at the next GDC, E3, etc., someone please demand Randy Pitchford to make another BiA.

      1. I was confused by that part because i didn’t remember wether CoD 2 had normal maps or not but seems like it was CoD 3 after all. Still, i rewinded a bit and CoD 2 did have normal maps, so i’ll just eat my words and move on.

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