04 Aug

So, what did YOU do geeky this week? Here’s what some of us at E-G have been doing to try to keep up our geek cred this week.

Randy Yasenchak

This week I can’t say I did much geeky. I moved into my new home and set up the new home office. The Bear and I are still unpacking but most of our stuff survived the move which is always a big plus.  The only thing geeky I CAN say I’ve done is watched a ton of episodes of The Simpsons.

Look at that scowl!

Jesse Baguchinsky

When I wasn’t working this week I was playing through Dragon Age Origins: Awakening. Overall it was a ton of fun and I am now contemplating what origin and character type I want to be for my second play through of the full game, thus putting my backlog on hold again. My friends and I also celebrated three of our birthdays. We went out to dinner and played a fun board game called Quelf, but the most noteworthy thing was Trevor’s gift: Deathrace 2000.

Trevor Faulkner

I spent much of the last week getting all my worldly junk together and moving it to Northern Florida. When I wasn’t testing my patience packing, I was testing my patience in Demon’s Souls (try saying it three times fast [if you just tried you should be ashamed of yourself]). I’m sorry all you D’sS fans, but

I just can’t seem to get into the game. Maybe it’s the massive time sink for little rewards or maybe I just suck. Also, to add to my geek quotient, I managed to watch all 3 seasons of Avatar: The Last Airbender. You may laugh but I actually thought it was cool as hell. Now I’m just chillin in my internetless house realizing what it’s like to be a neanderthal. What? How am I writing this without the Internet? SCIENCE! (Thank you Iron Tager)

Mats Paasche

I am DEATHSPANK! Hero of the Downtrodden!

This week I’ve been home sick with the flu for most of the time. Not a lot of gaming has gone down, though I did manage to start up DeathSpank which I’m playing through right now. I find I have both a love and hate relationship with the game. I love the writing and the art style, but the gameplay leaves a lot to be desired. To say that it’s repetitive would be an understatement, but while other games I love are repetitive in the same way (Diablo) they make up for it by having a loot system that is as addictive as it is essential. In DeathSpank I feel like I don’t really care about my equipment to the same degree, sure I need to upgrade once in a while to make sure I don’t die all the time, but I never really have to give it much thought, as everything is allays just a little bit better than the last and there is no tactics involved in choosing what armour to wear. All in all though, a decent week, looking forward to being rid of this sickness.

Robin Meijer

As I indicated last week, I got into playing H.A.W.X. I’ve finished the game now, and bottom line is: it’s ridiculous. Seriously, I can’t even begin to explain how little sense this game makes. If anything, the story just seems inappropriate for a combat flight simulator and the whole game would seem better in place in the Command & Conquer universe than the Tom Clancy universe. There are so many franchises in which a combat flight sim would have the potential to be awesome, but this isn’t one of them.

I’m moving on to Star Ocean: The Last Hope now. Last time I played that game, I stopped after 14 hours because of the cringe-worthy voice acting and stale combat. Now, I actually understand how to do blindsides and the game seems much more enjoyable overall. Even the voice acting is getting a little less on my nerves now…

Eliot Hagen

Finished off that Insane Console History Video 2.0, which was extremely well received.  Playing Dragon Quest IX and Rock Band 2.  I’ll be receiving my imported copy of Sengoku Basara 3 pretty soon, so expect a video preview of that.  Otherwise, I’ve just been watching lots of Mythbusters and getting into the spirit of Shark Week on Discovery.  And the new Futurama episodes are kicking ass.

Patrick Feng

I’m on vacation in Bar Harbor, Maine. I have been playing some old school strategy games like Victoria: Revolutions and hitting up Hearts of Iron II again. I’m being more outdoorsy this week than being a geek.

Kipp Pietrantonio

This week I watched alot of Big Bang Theory, and there really isn’t much more geeky than that. Sheldon is hilarious, and it has to be the best geeky sitcom of all time. My video games continue to collect dust and Grad School Finals consume me like a Metroid slowly sucking away at my energy. I am in desperate need of a star, so I can just plow through these finals in technicolor splendor! I am really looking forward to PlayStation Move next month and greatly anticipating the Resistan……I mean ???Mystery??? Insomniac PS3 game announcement sometime this month.

Chris Vand

My week consisted of almost entirely one thing…StarCraft II!  This game is just about everything one could have hoped for.  Even more-so when it comes to the single player part of the game.  I also just purchased Age of Empires I and II collector’s edition at a local store for only $7.99.  Crazy deal!  Definitely looking forward to hopping back into that for a bit since I’m on an RTS frenzy.

15 thoughts on “The Weeky in Geeky”

  1. “We went out to dinner and played a fun board game called Quelf”

    I fucking HATE that game. I always get cards like “Sit on your hands until your turn” or “don’t bend your elbows or knees”. That shit is so dumb. :l

  2. Jesse… Deathrace 2000… AWESOME!
    Trevor… I will defend Avatar The Last Airbender to the death. It’s a great show for kids as well as adults.

    My week has been filled with me going back to games like Secret of Mana, Mario RPG, and World of Goo (which I finished).

    On top of that, I got sucked back into League of Legends again. Season 1 has started, and with 100k dollars on the line, it’s just fun to see the amount of people that are getting into the ranked games.

    I finished Season 1 of Twin Peaks, and have started rewatching the classic Robotech.

      1. You know, Kipp, you should make a deal with Robin so both of you have different avatars, or it’ll become really hard to get my mental images straight.

        1. I would love to, but the Avatar system is jacked and for some reason automatically assigns me that one. When I try to change it weird poop happens.

          1. A good alternative would be to start every post saying (feel free to rewrite it):

            “I BE KIPP”

            That’d be helpful.

            edit: mods can say sh1t? that’s not fair :(

          2. Well zky, they can only because they have access to the filter, so if you talk to one of them, you can get your comment fished out of it, trust me I have done that a few times, as the filter caught my comment when I said nothing wrong.

      2. I don’t think so, I just got pass the monster village. I think I have 5 stars right now, and have put in about 5 or 6 hours.

        1. Wait is this your first time ever playing??? OMG I am so Jealous!!!! Amazing game! Yeah the cloud city is like the best part. Also Zky I have no idea what your talking about, i said poop…..hehehehe

  3. Trevor, I agree that Avatar is awesome, and I am interested in the new series that will take place 70 years after the original.

    Well my cred has been playing a lot of Starcraft II, since I bough the Collector’s Edition and have been loving it a whole lot. That and I have been watching a bit more anime, as I watched Steam Boy this last week, and I think I will watch a few more that I picked up at the Hollywood liquidation sale.

  4. Personally, no major geekage aside from some Fallout 3 and usual coding fun, design meetings, etc. I think i may start a new character model tomorrow (codenamed: cyberpunk dude with arm augmentations) and that’s about it.

    In case anyone was wondering: yes, Fallout 3 is a great game to play to the Rock ‘n Roll Racing soundtrack.

  5. Avatar is amazing. I absolutely loved it. And no, I feel no shame saying so 😉

    Its a great show to watch, and I can certainly sink hours into watching it. Especially as they get further along and the combat becomes more complicated and awesome.

    And I’m shocked only one of you was playing sc2. I’ve been playing the hell out of that. Got my Sarah Kerrigan icon last weekend. Booya.

    1. oh, and I didn’t find the Star Ocean voice acting to be THAT bad. And some of the bad VA felt intentional, like Lim, which I can forgive.

      However, the gameplay and story had me hooked for like 60 hours of gameplay. One of the better JRPGs I’ve played in a long time.

    2. Hey, add me on SCII. I haven’t beat it yet, but I am on the last mission, I just need to formulate a good plan for the hold out.

      Character name is Keck, code is 467

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