09 Aug

Several months ago, Tony Hawk revealed that the next installment in the long-running Tony Hawk series will be known as Tony Hawk: Shred. Today, Activision has released the first set of screenshots for the game. The screenshots reveal that the game will be presented with cell-shaded graphics rather than more realistic depictions as was common in previous game in the series. Furthermore, for the first time in the franchise’s eleven-year history, players will have access to snowboarding activities alongside the regular skateboarding gameplay. The screenshots can be found after the jump.

There is currently no information available regarding a possible release date, though the game is officially scheduled for a release later this year. While it is clear that Tony Hawk: Shred will be utilizing the skateboard-shaped peripheral that was included with Tony Hawk: Ride, no details are currently available regarding the way the developer isĀ improvingĀ the motion controls. These controls were a primary source of criticism in the previous installment in the series.

2 thoughts on “Tony Hawk: Shred Screenshots Released”

    1. I’m not even sure that second one is woman… but still, I think they’re really trying to put some distance between themselves and the Skate franchise. Tony Hawk isn’t going to win the market by ‘appearing’ realistic if Skate is doing that better… instead, the only shot they have is by going over the top I guess.

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