12 thoughts on “Call of Duty Retrospective – Episode 1: History Retold”

  1. Man Price has lived a long time and hasn’t shown any sign of aging.

    Joking aside. That was an awesome episode and I can’t wait for the sequel. Just wondering if you are going to do a MoH Retrospective, cause that would be awesome as well knowing that you mentioned it in the beginning of the episode. It is always fun to learn and relearn video game history every once in awhile.

    1. Thanks Keck. A lot of work went into this and we’re already cracking away on episode 2. An MOH Retrospective would be cool to do, but after this, we’ll probably change genres for our next retrospective.

      1. That’s fine. Just be sure to do one that a lot of people haven’t done already and has a game coming out within the next year. Might I say Castlevania or Duke Nukem.

  2. This prompted me to look for United Offensive in argie stores. Unfortunately, it’s gonna be hard to find, but well…

    In any case, loved the video. Doesn’t get lost in the whole “CODZ SO COOL!!!1!” thing, which is always important, and, more importantly, spends most of the time telling you stuff you probably didn’t know (Jason Stratham!).

    Also, health bars! The joy!

    And you should probably dedicate an entire episode to whine about the n00b tube. I know i would.

    1. Yes, heath bars. The thing that means you will die if you screw up too many times, just like in real life, except that you can get full health with med packs. Regenerative health is good in Halo because it is a shield that is regenerative, but all other FPSes is just not right (they want to go for realism, but with regenerative, they are just missing the mark).

  3. I have such fond memories of the original CoD. Both of the single and multiplayer. A part of this is due to the fact that I’m a big fan of many of the films the game paid homage too.

  4. I’ve only played the original and the expansion pack. This well produced documentary makes me want to check out the rest of the series right away!

    I think it is the presentation and art style that elevates Call of Duty above other FPS games.

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