13 Sep

After Mats and Randy died and were resurrected last month, Gavin went into hiding for upwards to two weeks. Luckily though fate caught up with him and he was feasted upon by his former colleagues, as they fed on him however they decided in their primitive undead minds to leave just enough for him to be reanimated by the infamous z0mb13 virus. Being resurrected from the dead has made him hormonal and indecisive. Basically, he’s weird as a zombie…

3 thoughts on “Elder-Speek Issue 65: Gavin’s Resurrection”

  1. Let’s face it, Duke is here to stay because he’s a nostagic icon that was made so by years of faithful fans; ie Duke Nukem (forever). It’s failure will most likely go on like Chocolate did after they started using cocoa butter instead of the real thing; people still eat it.

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