29 Sep

Known most recently as the American publisher of Deadly Premonition and Blacklight: Tango Down, Ignition Entertainment will be closing their London office by October 31st. Whatever remaining development time needed on its in-production titles (Wardevil, Project Kane) to partner studios elsewhere. A publishing front will remain in the Ealing/London area after production ceases, but an undisclosed number of designers will still be laid off in the process.

“This week saw the pre-scheduled completion of a six month proof of concept project on the War Devil / Project Kane titles internally, which the board and studio management are currently evaluating as to whether the required quality will be achieved by completing internally or with an external partner,” said Hassan Sadiq, Chairman of Ignition Entertainment, “Development is ramping up at Ignition’s free-to-play studios based in Austin and Beijing, as well as at internal console development studios in Florida (Reich) and Tokyo (El Shaddai — winner of CESA’s most anticipated title at TGS 2010).”