10 Sep

Today, Walmart has made a sequel to Zipper Interactive’s massively multiplayer online first-person shooter MAG available for pre-orders on its website. The listing indicates the game is known as MAG 2, but the production of such a game┬áhas never been confirmed by publisher Sony or Zipper Interactive. Sony refused to comment on the situation, but added that the company never comments on rumors or speculation.

The offer posted by Walmart indicates that the game will release on January 25th, 2011 and does not include any additional information regarding the game. Additionally, the listing does not indicate whether the game is being developed by Zipper Interactive, or if a new studio is involved. As Zipper Interactive is currently involved in the development of SOCOM 4, it seems unlikely that a sequel to MAG is indeed being developed at this studio if the game does indeed exist.

The offer by Walmart can be found here.