9 thoughts on “Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Video Review”

  1. Good review.

    I just wish that they would have fixed the platforming as that has plagued the 3D titles since the very first one.

    Once this goes on sale and I get a bit of money I will pick it up to play it, since I like the Castlevania series. I just hope that Konami is making an awesome 2D one for 3DS as the DS didn’t get a 2D game this year (went to 360 instead).

    But it is good to know that this 3D title is playable, unlike the infamous N64 games. The PS2/Xbox ones functioned and were decently playable, but just weren’t up to snuff. I just hope that the sequel to LoS will have refined platforming but keep the combat, and add in some more enemy types.

    1. Yea, the funny thing about the PS2 3D games was that the bonus characters were more fun to play that the main characters, a sure sign that the mechanics could have been better designed.

      One thing that was excellent about them was the endings. Series fans will highly enjoy them. Does this game offer any fanservice like that? To me, I can live with the gameplay changes, but if it doesn’t have many CV references, I’ll wait until a price drop.

      Too bad about the inconsistent platforming. At least in Lament and Curse, you didn’t die from such mistakes. Lord of Shadows seems more like Prince of Persia in that regard.

      Also, how’s the music? Music has always been a staple of the series.

      1. I’ve checked out the OST on YouTube and suffice to say, based on the few songs available to hear it’s not the “Castlevania” you’d expect. It’s very Hollywood. Think Steve Jablonsky and Danny Elfman. Tons of choir usage and quick/hard spiccato strings.

  2. This game doesn’t look like a Castlevania game… but rather, a different game that they slapped some Castlevania-esque stuff into in the last minute.

    1. Turns out this game wasn’t originally a Castlevania game! After a year and a half in production, Konami wanted to market it as a true Caslevania game instead of a new IP. This was just before Kojima Productions started helping with the design.

      1. Well that solves it.

        Hopefully the sequel will be a true Castlevania game, and not something that half way through was squeezed into a Casltevania like game.

  3. 85% of the video review being cutscenes? Yup, sounds like Kojima alrite. Looks really generic and de-gothicsized. //End complaining.

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