14 Oct

With the launch of Halo: Reach exactly one month behind us, Microsoft has announced that the first package of downloadable content will be made available on November 30th. The map pack, which is dubbed the “Noble Map Pack” will add a total of three maps at a price of 800 Microsoft points, which is equivalent to $10.

The first of these maps, Tempest, is set within two sets of ancient Forerunner facilities, and can also be used to create custom maps using the Forge option. The second map, Breakpoint, has been designed to suit the Invasion gametype, but will also be available in other playlists. Both Tempest and Breakpoint are aimed at facilitating matches for 8 to 16 players. The third and final map is known as Anchor 9 and is set within an orbital UNSC docking yard. The symetrical map allows for matches of up to 8 players and will also contain low-gravity environments.

A set of screenshots showcasing the new maps can be found after the jump.