27 Oct

Gearbox Interactive, the holders of the rights to the Duke Nukem franchise as well as the developers of next year’s Duke Nukem Forever, have given their official permission to a group of fans to remake the seminal game in the 90s FPS series. Providing the project remains not-for-profit, the fan team lead by Fredrick “Fresch” Schreiber can follow through with their plans of rebuilding Duke Nukem 3D from scratch with the Unreal Engine 3.

“A few weeks ago, i played with the idea of a Duke Nukem 3D revision, made on Unreal Engine 3 Tech…[I] made a ‘Test’ map, of what it might look like,” wrote Schreiber on the forums, “Then I took some screenshots and posted them on this board for everyone to see. All hell broke loose! Suddenly the news of a remake, was all over the internet, even though the development was neither approved by Gearbox nor 3Drealms.”

Known as Duke Nukem Next-Gen, is still in the early stages of a planned 12-month development process.

3 thoughts on “Gearbox Authorizes Duke Nukem 3D Fan Remake”

  1. /clap /clap /clap for Gearbox. Extremely classy to allow this.

    Who knows too…if it looks good enough Gearbox might hire on this team and pay them for their work so it can be released for profit.

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