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  1. Well that sucks, I had good hopes for this game. I think it is stupid not having prone in the multiplayer. It is good to know that there is leaning in the game, as it is a great help when you are posted up at a wall, and moving into the open just to shoot is stupid.

    I might eventually play this, but I don’t know. I would have to borrow the game from my friend, but I am not sure if he would let me borrow it at this moment.

    1. Yeah, me too. At this point, I am kinda craving a WWII shooter for some reason. I guess it has to do with all this modern war games and them being called clones of each other.

      1. I tend to feel better about shooting people when it’s at least for the right cause or at least i’m the good guys. These new “HERE COMES THE FREEDOM” games make me feel like i’m the one playing the nazis. Same thing with games set in Vietnam.

        And besides that, current war is too sofisticate, has too much military jargon and technology and plain lacks romanticism. WWII was way better portrayed and sold simply because it’s not shown as something cool. It’s presented by acts of heroism and sacrifice, while the games of today have armed to the teeth fully backed soldiers fighting against the poor of Brazil or blowing up Afghani buildings and taking pictures of it or torturing people with cattle prods (taking my examples from MW2, but considering MoH is has black ops or something, it’s an educated guess that there’s some of the above).

        Videogames, more often than not, are stupid, and try to copy film and television. They add sh1t they see in 24 and feel like it fits their games, but (i don’t really watch 24, but someone can correct me if i’m wrong) in television and movies, there’s character developement and motivation and humanity and that’s what makes you empathize with the characters and forgive them for the atrociticies they commit. In stupid games like MW2, there’s no such thing, and then you get a bunch of psychopaths saving the world the way they better please. No wonder there’s just been like 3 years of modern warfare and we’re all tired of it.

        Give peace a chance 😉

        1. Well the games industry needs to move away from regenerating health, and go back to med packs. Seriously, people just can’t heal in 10 seconds by hiding behind a rock, but they can patch themselves up with a med kit. Regenerating health only works for shields, or game characters where regenerating health comes by slow regeneration (kinda like Zerg in Starcraft), regenerating shields like in Halo and Starcraft with the Protoss, but with regular humans it is just too realistic, especially when the devs say that they are going for realism in their games.

          I really don’t like modern war, cause it goes way too much in to just blowing everything up. WWII because of its technical limitations had a lot of strategy, but now it is just about making sure you paint the right target and call down an air strike. Ah the good old days when you had to face your enemy, and prove that you were better, instead of being hundreds or thousands of miles away and take care of business (this can also be taken as how games were before the internet was open for commercial use).

          Well, I am looking forward to a new good WWII shooter one of these days. I love WWII history, and there was a good cause for that war, instead of the ones going on these days (I understand why it happened, and the initial reason, but terrorism will never go away, it is just a simple fact).

          I’m with you Zky. We need to stop all this terrestrial fighting so we can use those resources to feed hungry people, build space ships, and go explore the galaxy (or just our solar system in the next couple of hundred years; then the Universe after a couple of millenniums from now).

          1. Uh, sure…ahem, wouldn’t call the war of yore the “good old days”, considering war has always been unfair and pointless and decided by those far from the battlefield and all that. You know, considering how the middle ages were all about bow and arrows and dropping people dead until you’re ran out.

            And to be honest, i also like WWII a lot, and its overdone Normandy greyness. And like The Saboteur proved, there’s history in WWII still left unexplored, which can be turned into a lot of fun.

            Point is, i want wathever you’re smoking, Keck….

          2. Well not smoking anything. Yes decisions were made by people over long distances, but there was at least a real national army to fight. WWII is interesting, and it would be cool if someone did a WWI game, but WWI was boring compared to WWII because of all the trench fighting (but had awesome bi-plane dog fights though).

            If we are really going to talk about good old days, then Mount & Blade is where that medieval combat comes into play.

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