9 thoughts on “Super Meat Boy Video Review”

  1. Nice review. I will have to wait for the PC release, or maybe the Wii release to play this game (I will have to see which one controls better).

  2. I think I read that there would be a level editor or something, and that you could share maps with others… does anybody know if that is already included in the game, and if it’s included in the 360 version?

  3. [shameless plugging] I just interviewed Danny Baranowsky about the SMB soundtrack last night on Radio Free Gamer. [/shameless plugging] In discussing it, I really got a sense for how Danny and the SMB dev’s were trying to take the best parts from old school games and make something entirely new. Nostalgia for old games is great (and SMB is filled with nods to classic game series), but the key for indie games is taking the lessons we gamers have learned from the past three decades and building off of them. SMB does that with flying colors.

  4. Looks like I’m getting a gamepad for my PC–something tells me this won’t be the same with a mouse and keyboard.

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