2 thoughts on “2010 Holiday Shopper’s Guide”

  1. Not really the most memorable of years. Mostly sequels, and not the best ones sequels. Mafia dissapointed, CoD dissapointed, ME dissapointed, Bioshock dissapointed. But Obsidian delivered two gems of computer roleplaying this year (that do suck at everything that isn’t RPGing), which makes this one of the best years in mainstream RPGs this console generation and helps sweeten the bitterness i got from playing RPG turned generic and godawful shooter Mass Effect.

    And a new Assassin’s Creed, which is a good thing since ACII. Can’t wait until it’s released here :)

    1. Yeah it kinda sucked this year. For me Nintendo really delivered, as well as Blizzard with SCII, and once I get around to playing ACII, I will play Brotherhood. I wish there were more console RPGs this year, but that just didn’t happen (next year looks to be a lot better). Well there always has to be a down year every now and again before there is a spectacular year with a lot of innovative games (looks to be next year with the 3DS release and such).

      I am looking forward to The Witcher 2, and a few others next year. Oh, well, I will enjoy what games I downloaded off of PSN and what games I picked up for my Wii earlier in the year, as well as Epic Mickey, and SCII once I get my rig fixed.

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