28 Nov

Sony wants those worried about whether that $3,000 TV (plus a possible $160/pair of glasses) is worth it for gaming to relax. Sony Computer Entertainment Europe studio director Mick Hocking has confirmed that 50 3D titles – 20 first party, 30 third party – are currently in development exclusively for the console. Hocking also assured that 3D developers “not only make it technically correct,” but “be more inventive with it, how to get the most creatively from it for their particular type of game.”

“We’re applying 3D to more than 20 internal games at Sony,” Hocking said to Develop. “It’s a very positive thing to see the great level of interest in 3D from our development studios.” But even more reassuring for Sony, according to Hocking, is seeing so many third-party developers making 3D games as well.

“Overall we have more than fifty titles currently being converted into 3D, and this number is growing fast,” Hocking said (although he didn’t give a timeline for when these 50 games will actually all be on retail shelves). “Some of them are massive names. That’s a really, really good sign that the industry is behind our unique message that 3D is a key element in the future of home consoles.”

One thought on “Fifty 3D Titles In-Development for PS3”

  1. Sorry Sony, but I not hooked on 3D all that much. It is a nice gimmick now and then, but it is not a system seller for me. Besides, I would love it not to have to put on glasses to watch a 3D movie or Play a game, which those glasses don’t wrap all around your head so the sides let in light and are not 3D. Just focus on making quality titles, hell just focus on making Move worth it to your consumers first before 3D implementation.

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