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  1. The only problem with the PC version is that the second one wasn’t on the PC.

    It sucks that games still suffer from long loading times, especially in RPGs and fighters (See Tekken 6). Well I am not so sure about this one, as I think Lionhead should have just gone with the formula from the first one, instead of monkeying around with the formula. Some aspects like having a dog in the second was was cool, but they dropped others altogether that didn’t make the sequel feel as good as the original.

  2. Molyneux overstating the quality of one of his games? Inconceivable! Lol, anyway I’m enjoying Fable 2, but it looks like I’ll skip the final entry in the series. Truth be told I HATED the menus from the first two games, but I could definitely see how the new menus could be cumbersome. Would like to have heard how the game changes gears when you become regent.

    I noticed your character was a chick. It made me wonder why, given the choice, I will frequently choose to play as a female character? Maybe it’s my way of trying to balance out all the times I’ve been forced to play as Marcus Phoenix or the like. Or not. Certainly deserves more thought.

    1. I didn’t want to spoil too much of that part of the game for anyone. I was VERY surprised how much gameplay took place AFTER I was crowned. I thought that was going to be the end of the game. I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t.

      I mix up the genders when I play RPGs. It doesn’t matter if they’re male or female. But honestly, the startling lack of female main characters in video games often makes me unconciously choose them when I get the chance.

      1. Yeah I go with that sentiment too some times. Also, some of the female characters have more awesome skills then the male characters (See Borderlands and Lilith the Siren; phasewalk is awesome).

        Also to quote someone long ago that I have sense forgotten their name; “if you are going to look at your character’s ass for hours on end, why not play as a female character as it is more appealing (doesn’t work for FPSes though; sorry Zoey).”

        But really, I like a more varied cast of characters, and would like more women characters to be spotlighted, instead of these cookie-cutter bald space marines, or just over all badasses. Gah, well there is always the future.

  3. That menu system really bothers me… especially the real estate one. With that many properties that need to be maintained I’m wondering if I’m going to be spending more time in that menu than questing.

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