4 thoughts on “GoldenEye 007 Video Review”

  1. So ugh, what characters are available in the multiplayer. I heard that Odd Job was in there, but he was balanced much better so he isn’t so cheap. It is good to know that the game is of quality and can be used with the Game Cube and Classic Controller. I might think about playing this at some point, but who knows when I will get around to doing that.

  2. Looks like a fun rental for me. I just feel like if they changed the story that much they shouldn’t call it Goldeneye.

    1. Especially since Brosnan isn’t in it; instead they have Daniel Craig who is not that great of a Bond (too much killing, not enough suave attitude).

  3. No Brosnan, Boris (Cumming), Bean, and Izabella Scorupco etc really hurts that one for me. This definitely seems like fun to play through for those who remember GoldenEye 64 from a novelty perspective. If I had a Wii this would definitely be a rental for me.

    They tossed Brosnan for Craig…and they couldn’t even get Craig to do the voice. Gah!

    Still…I understand what they were going for so I can’t really hold these things against them. This is a re-imagining, not a remake.

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