05 Nov

Just barely after Gran Turismo 5‘s gold disc shipped to Sony, the folks at Polyphony Digital are already preparing their next multiple year-long tease/project. Studio head Kazunori Yamauchi informed Autoweek that the soon-to-be-released game’s sequel, Gran Turismo 6 is “already underway”.

“It’s not something that we can talk that lightly on.” Yamauchi commented, “It took 2,000 days to get all the ideas that went into GT5. It’s just too early to be talking about GT6.”

The announcement came on the heels of another comment from the studio head, who believed that motorcycle races could finally be integrated into the long-running driving simulator via post-release downloadable content. Gran Turismo 5 is still expected globally by the end of the year, but has not received a new release date following its delay from its intended November launch.

One thought on “Gran Turismo 6 Already in the Works”

  1. So how many years will we have to wait for GT6? By this point with GT 5 being delayed so much, I pretty much expect GT6 to be a PS4 launch title. Unless they actually get their stuff together, we could see GT6 by late 2012 at the very earliest (this is potential speculation, but the game could come out way down the line).

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