24 Nov

Tenchux’s  Super Metroid Remastered project has launched it’s official site – http://www.8bitx.com/supermetroid/
The goal of this project is to raise funds for Child’s Play Charity, a charity to give sick kids in hospitals their most desired games, toys, and movies.

Today Tenchux will be releasing a brand new track from the upcoming Super Metroid Remastered album – What Would Samus Do?
The album will be completely FREE and released on Dec 15th, until then we’re getting a track a day on Tenchux’s Official YouTube page from this album.

From Tenchux: “This is the time for you, the fans, the supporters, to help by spreading the word of Child’s Play and this album. Make posts on your local gaming forums about this. Link it on your Twitter and Facebook too! I even just put this on Reddit. Give it a thumbs up if you can!”


Below is the link where donations are ALREADY happening. We can raise more than $32 dollars for kids can’t we?