03 Dec

Electronic Arts has been laying out quite a few dramatic changes in its future business, just last week describing plans to phase out production on licensed-based properties. Adding to this company evolution is an EA more focused on digital media and downloadable content. Speaking at the Credit Suisse 2010 Technology Conference, the Chief Financial Officer of EA Eric Brown spoke on the profitability margins of such content.

“A principal growth driver has been downloads for extra content, which includes micro-transactions for free to play games,” said Brown. “This would include Playfish, map packs for 360 and PS3 games.”

“What we’re starting to see, especially for first person shooter titles like Battlefield Bad Company 2 is a higher propensity for people to purchase the PC client digitally,” he explained. “This is an area where with our first person shooter games, our Sims franchise and others, we’ve been able to grow our digital business.”