10 thoughts on “Dead Space 2 Video Review”

  1. Sounds awesome. I will pick this up so I can continue the story of the universe (although the movies lack what the games bring to the table).

    It is sad to hear that Issac is a chatterbox. I really like silent protagonists, cause you really can’t hate them all that much. Granted the first game was super isolated and the second is on a big colony, Issac still interacted with people in the first one.

    Well I like that they made the ammo restricted a bit, cause I found myself selling off my extra ammo for credits to buy nodes. Oh, and it is good that you can take nodes off of weapons and add them to other ones that you want to upgrade.

    Now to choose PC or PS3 as I am still undecided. The PS3 version comes with Extraction (although I have it on Wii) and the PC doesn’t. However, the game just feels better on a smaller screen with good speakers (my PC has the best speakers in my room; stock TV speakers for consoles sadly).

    1. For how much Dead Spce 1 sucks on PC, i’d say go for PS3. It doesn’t hurt that it comes with an extra game either.

      Only reason i’m going for PC is that PC game here = 50usd, PS3 game = 130usd.

      1. In the US, we get the lovely inflated price of $59.99 on PC. I swear, Activison opened up the flood gates for the big publishers with SCII going for $60 for the standard edition.

        Well I think I might go with the PS3 version then. I guess I can just add to my trophy count as well (need to play the first one for PS3 for those ones as well).

  2. What version is this? I’m just replaying the first one and having the worst experience ever: BSODs every half an hour, constants crashes and weird messages (once it minimized and displayed a message saying “flashlight target not found” or something like that), 30 FPS locked VSYNC, aiming with a mouse is nerfed and no controller key configuration so no using my PS3 controller.

    I loved that bit about Point A.

    1. Oh and my retail version came only with spanish and italian languages. Dead Space in italian is just plain funny.

      1. I’ve heard from a few message boards that DS2 on PC is having issues. I wish they would have realized their mistakes the first time around. I personally didn’t find any problems with the first game’s controls but that is just me. Hopefully there will be a patch to fix some of those issues.

        1. Mouse aiming is sluggish at least. With sensitivity all the way up to 10 and i still have to do the whole lift the mouse, place it at one end of the pad, quickly push it to other the end, etc. about three times just to turn around.

          3rd person shooting is usually sucky in PC but Dead Space takes the prize.

          I can tolerate that but this thing keeps BSODing over and over again. It actually adds to the tension, having to sprint to the save point so i don’t have to play that f*cking basketball minigame all over again. Which i did. Three times. You learn to appreciate cutscene skipping when you replay a scene four or five times in a row. And to dread the games that don’t have it.

          Damn, this game must be good if it annoys me so much and i’m beating it for a second time…

          1. Yeah I hated that Basketball minigame thing in the first one. I have played some levels in games over 10 times where there is an unskippable cut-scene. I just about went insane at that point. I had one time when playing Okami, when the controller just wouldn’t work right so I was failing the gestures (Wii version) and I had to watch that stupid cutscene over and over again. After a few tries I put it down for 45 minutes and went and did something else, then came back and beat that section.

  3. Happy to report no crashes with my PC copy as of yet. Even the aiming has been recovered from the depths of porting stupidity. In fact, with no cumbersome aiming, it’s very easy on normal, so i’m restarting it on hard or expert. At least i got to my first upgrade bench with about 80 plasma bullets and like 10 health canister thingies.

    Haven’t tried if vsync still sucks though….

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