2 thoughts on “Elder-Speek: Episode 71 – Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light Game Day”

  1. I like this format. Watched it fully and all. Couldn’t watch it live, but i appreciate the replay.

    If anyone’s still wondering, Ghost is just a short-lived MW2 character and sucks like every other MW character. I believe he has like three lines in the game, but the milkability of the cool looking skull baklava must’ve made ActiBlizz’ marketing department jizz in their pants.

    And good news about the ads, always. Any more changes in sight? Like taking back EG’s Alpha Protocol’s review? 😀

  2. I like this format better. The old format of 1.5 hour long episodes is just too much time for me to devote now a days due to more studying. Besides we get to watch a game being played, which is all good.

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