18 Jan

This week we gather round to discuss serious issues. Like why Nintendo hates themselves, why SEGA hates the Dreamcast and why we hate not getting Emails. Also, my computer hates me but we love classic Disney animation and Yagiz decides to ask some stupid questions. If you wanna join in on the conversation, hit us with an Email at forcedupdate@elder-geek.com, or else.

4 thoughts on “Forced Update 98”

  1. -You guys could always just check the comments on your page… I’m pretty much the only person posting (maybe even listenening), and I really dont want to open up my email (I am a videogamer, thus I am lazy).
    -I’m playing through Red Dead Redemtion right now, and it is pretty good. I’m still waiting for that profound moment that makes me fall in love, but right now, it is just good.
    -If you guys are scared by Bioshock, you guys are wimps. I think I am a wimp for having a hard time playing games like Silent Hill 2, Fatal Frame, and Amnesia (but it is so damn good!). If you are scared from an atmosphereic fps, what do you guys do when playing survival horror?

    Question- What are your thought’s on Japanese Developers? While we are watching the fall of Squaresoft, it is still interesting to see how Eastern Developers are able to push the boundaries of crazy! Platinum Games (also known as Clover Studios), Kojima Productions, From Software, Vanillaware, Atlus (as a whole), Grasshopper Studios, ect. What are your thoughts?

  2. Korne, you are my favorite Elder-Geek poster and I will 100% take your advice on drawing questions from the comment feed. Not only because-next to Yagiz’s Mom-you are our only listener but also because I don’t want another Yagiz Askes Stupid Questions segment.

    Thank you so much for supporting us and you’ll hear your questions on the cast this week.

    1. No Problem Trevor… like you, I don’t want to hear any more of Yagiz’s Stupid Questions (or hear you guys answer them :)

      Oh and Randy, if you are ever on the West Coast (namely PAX), I’d take you up on that beer. I like mine dark.

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