05 Jan

Welcome to Episode 100 of Forced Update: the worst video game podcast on the internet. Yagiz, Adam and Trevor sit down for the first time to try and record something in between obscenities. All and all it might be the worst thing on the internet and that includes Miley Cyrus’ salvia video. This week we learn the finer similarities between mainstream games and Angry Birds, we find out what Ninja Theory is best at and we read some press releases full of bull.

4 thoughts on “Forced Update: Episode 100”

  1. You say people like Metroid Other M because only because it has metroid in the title. I say people don’t like Metroid Other M for the same reason.

    Compared to all other Metroid games, Other M is completely lacking. It is the worst metroid title of all time. But it is still a pretty good game. It has some extremely frustraiting parts (the final boss, the stupid shooting section at the end), but it also has some great parts (the after credits part).

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