25 Jan

We pick up our terrible mics and put down a great podcast. It’s Episode 97 on our slow decline into drugs. On this podcast we learn about the value of gift cards and what Adam does with his special addition Sackboy. Later we cover some news and dish out some opinions on the 3Ds. That’s not all though, we got some kickin’ emails and a question which uncovers our sensual sided. If you wanna join in on the conversation, hit us with an Email at forcedupdate@elder-geek.com, or post a comment and we’ll read it on air.

5 thoughts on “Forced Update: Episode 97”

  1. The thumbnail made me lol.

    Also, I didn’t buy LBP2 with real money… it was trade in credit, so I basically pulled an Adam.

  2. -Trevor, look into 9 Hours 9 Persons 9 Lives on DS. It should be right up your alley if you like Hotel Dusk.
    -Sorry, not a Monster Hunter fan (Demon’s Souls ftw!)

    Question: What is your favorite game no one has heard of?

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