10 Jan

We kick back and clean it up a little on the podcast. I promise, it will never happen again. This week we find out how many Yagiz’s it takes to screw in a light bulb, why you should go out and get Grimm on your iPod, how a console can fix the PC platforms problems and how to combat piracy without Forced Updates. If you like what you’re listening to or maybe hate it to death, send us an email at forcedupdate@elder-geek.com.

One thought on “Forced Update: Episode 99”

  1. Here are a few thoughts:

    -I enjoyed Knights in the Nightmare (although I agree, it is one of the most complicated and hectic SRPGs ever).
    -Bioshock 2, while fixing many things wrong with the first game, fell completely flat. It seemed to be missing the soul that made the first game so good. (and yes, games have soul… it is what makes games compelling to play).
    -Games can be challenging as long as they have payoff (Demons Souls), but if you are bashing your controller just to get an acheivement (COD WAW),, not very fun.
    -Black Swan was pretty damn awesome.
    -I hated Lost Planet 2. They took out the anime-ish story and replaced it with repetative multiplayer shooting, which Im not a huge fan of (L4D). Just wasnt my cup of tea.
    -I have learned not to buy any gaming platform right away, my 60gb PS3 was giving me problems after one year. I now just bought a new PS3 slim and a PS2 (we actually got 2 of them on accident… not the worst mistake).

    Another good episode. Keep it up.

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