19 Jan

Developer Infinity Ward recently warned Playstation 3 players of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and Modern Warfare 2 that the recent hack of the system has opened up the possibility of exploitation. According to the studio, hacked servers have the ability to reset player stats and abilities, as well as bequeath temporary, mod-like abilities such as super speed. The company has stated that is looking into ways to fix the problem, but it may be up to Sony to restore long-term stability.

“Games rely on the security of the encryption on the platforms they’re played on,” writes company strategist Robert Bowling. “Therefore, updates to the game through patches will not resolve this problem completely, unless the security exploit itself is resolved on the platform.”

For now, Infinity Ward recommends players stick to known players in private matches, and report any hacked servers directly to Sony.

One thought on “Infinity Ward: PS3 Hack Brings Serious Online Exploits”

  1. Well dedicated servers for the consoles would have been nice. I don’t know why IW is too lazy to create their own security system, but whatever. Sony can’t really fix the hacks since their hardware is really the source of the problem. See, Sony were geniuses when building and programming the PS3 that they decided to make the random number code of authentication the same constant number. The only way to fix this problem, new hardware. Really the only way Sony can do anything is to just brick the console hackers’ consoles and be done with it.

    I hate it when hackers mess things up for the people minding their own business. However there are some times hackers have done some amazing things (Kinect hacks; seriously MS is JUST now putting out the Dev kits for the thing for PC functions).

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