16 Jan

Urge to build MAME cabinet.... rising....

Hey everyone!

Just dropping in a quick and very informal note to say we have all gotten home safely and soundly. And we’re all suffering from MAGFest withdrawal. I’m going to get cracking right away on all the video, audio and the photos from the show along with our writeup. We’ll post it on an upcoming MAGFest page.

We met a ton of wonderful people and we have a lot of footage to get through, so stay tuned! We hope to have something very special for you all to see in the very near future.

— Randy

4 thoughts on “MAGFest 9 Detox”

  1. So sad that it’s over. We met a ton of awesome people though, and I’m really grateful for that. Huge, huge props to all the people at MAGFest for putting on the sickest show of the year. Already looking forward to MAGFEST TEN!

  2. Looking forward to the upcoming media that you are going to produce for this.
    Really wish I could have gone, but circumstances prevented me from going to this event. I will be going to PAX Prime though. One year I will manage to make it out to DC for MAGFest, and probably make it a routine thing if possible.

  3. I’m with Justin. I already can’t wait for MAGFest 10. This MAGFest was my first one and it was an awesome experience.

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